Access to air handling units

For all wall-mounted AirMaster heat recovery units, access to the internals is easily achieved through the bottom panel. This is hinged along the edge adjacent to the mounting wall, and can be readily accessed to enable inspection / maintenance.


Access is simple whether units have been installed 1/3 recessed, 2/3 recessed (as shown right) or fully exposed. The bottom panel is used in the same way for each of these. For those air handling units concealed completely within the void space using the ‘Combi’ approach, an access hatch is required within the suspended ceiling.

Access to floor-mounted AirMaster air handling units is arranged through side panels.

The only components to require replacement on a scheduled basis are the air filters. Service intervals vary according to the dust burden carried by intake air. The average interval is expected to be between 6-12 months services.

SAV Systems have a number of AirMaster wall mounted and floor standing air handling units installed at their Woking offices, all in regular operation. We would be happy to show you these, and reply to any queries you may have. Seeing is believing!

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