The 2006 version of BB 101 defined the main approaches to school ventilation in almost mutually exclusive terms: the design was to be either natural or mechanical. Whilst it was possible for different spaces around a school to be served by the 2 different methods, any single space would need to be served by one or other.

The new version of BB 101 takes a much more inclusive approach, by allowing elements of each to be incorporated in the ventilation of any given space. In fact, there are numerous combinations of techniques whereby this can be done, as shown in the excerpt from the new code:

BB101 Hybrid Ventilation

This gives the designer a great deal of leeway when selecting the best combination for room ventilation. Essentially, there is recognition of the main advantages brought to the table by each of the 2 main methods: namely, that natural ventilation has the capacity for increased air flows to deal with overheating in the summer, whereas mechanical systems are better able to control draught in the winter.

AirMaster mechanical heat recovery units have been used on school projects where this approach has been taken. The Jane Austen Academy in Norwich, for example, was a conversion of an office building. Several of the classrooms had an eccentric aspect ratio, leading to a potential ventilation shortfall towards the back of these rooms. The designers chose a hybrid ventilation solution based on openable windows, supplemented by AirMaster vertically ducted units to serve those areas at the rear.

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