The Education Funding Agency is looking for contractors using design and build offsite components to deliver the £95m school projects under the new Construction Framework.

The 16 schools will be delivered in two lots starting off with 4 projects worth £12m followed by a further 12 small projects.

To be in the running for these projects, contractors specialising in off-site construction techniques need to register their interest to be considered for the invitation to tender in April.

To secure one of the three spaces available, act now!

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SAV have contributed to modular building technology with their AirMaster ventilation systems.

If you are not familiar with AirMaster mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) air handling units, here is a summary of the main features and benefits:

AirMaster – Ventilation and Indoor Climate for Modular Buildings

Why is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) important?

Where room ventilation is inadequate, heat and carbon dioxide from occupants and computer equipment can build up to uncomfortable levels. With high levels of CO2, a room becomes stuffy, occupants become drowsy and cannot concentrate.

TM57 – 2015 (Integrated School Design) recognised the issue of overheated, stuffy and under-ventilated classrooms. The new BB101 (Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools) prescribes how to manage draught in conditions and overheating in summer.


AirMaster – The game changer!

AirMaster is a duct-free demand controlled ventilation system that links fan speed to CO2 content. Filtered fresh air enters the unit at the intake and is pulled through an aluminium heat exchanger by means of a low fan head to enter the room at the inlet grille at set temperature.

Demand control of CO2 is very accurate, as shown by this download from a unit’s data logger.

Demand control ventilation

Demand Controlled Ventilation – Interaction between fan speed (blue line) and CO2 (red line) in a classroom

AirMaster Hex Principle

AirMaster HEX Principle

Reasons to choose AirMaster for Modular Build:

  • Duct-free ventilation using the Coanda Effect to control draught
  • Options for duct orientation and recess levels into void space
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to maintain
  • Night-time cooling to help with the problem of overheating
  • Controls either by main digital BMS or local control panels.

Coanda Effect

AirMaster AM 800 Video of Coanda Effect

Easy access

Easy Access for Service and Maintenance

Quick and easy installation

Quick and Easy Installation

Modular Build

Flexible Design for Balanced Indoor Climate

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