How is remote control of air handling units achieved?

All AirMaster MVHR units can be made accessible through the internet, using the Airlinq Online facility. This makes them accessible from anywhere in the world, via tablet, smartphone or laptop. Any unit which has this provision can be interrogated at a distance, making it unnecessary to go out to wherever the unit may be situated, whenever operational data should be required.


Airlinq Online SMART AirMaster MVHR units


The basic interface is through an ethernet module incorporated in the air handling unit internal control box. The wiring installer is required to provide a matching ethernet port somewhere close to each AirMaster unit. For those air handling units which have been grouped together for operational purposes, it may well be possible for the whole group to be served by just a single ethernet port.

Since 3Q / 2016, all AirMaster air handling units have been equipped with ethernet modules. Any unit manufactured before this date can be retrofitted with the same. In both cases a connection charge applies.

All data is stored in cloud based servers. A high level of security is maintained by encryption of all data exchanges, both from and to the air handling unit(s).


airlinq online SMART MVHR units 

Who can benefit from internet access to AirMaster units?

By logging on to Airlinq Online, administrators and operational managers can expect to :

  • Enjoy technical support from AirMaster AS head office
  • Reveal any inconsistencies affecting air handling unit performance
  • Adjust set points and intervene as necessary to maximise user experience

Taking advantage of remote access has potential for appreciable savings. It should not be necessary to open up a unit having concerns over performance, but an investigation from afar would save on travel cost and man hours. For units located in classrooms, the ability to analyse performance without disturbance to classroom activities would enable analysis much earlier than having to wait for half term or holiday access.


airlinq online device and room management


Alarms would be shown remotely via Airlinq Online. This would enable more effective interventions, as in most cases there is a 2-stage protocol: an amber light shows first by way of warning, then a red light follows when the fault condition worsens and forces a shut-down. Early intervention may well avoid the unit stoppage.

There are numerous options for the display of operational data. With Airlinq Online, it is possible to design and construct a variety of graphs, to reveal variations in CO2 level and temperature, for example.

Who else can expect to benefit from Airlinq Online?

  • Building operators can be assured of correct operation of air handling units, without having to get an operative to the unit in person.
  • Specifiers can verify performance in use; eg, a CO2 record could enable compliance against the new requirements of BB101 to be established.
  • Building owners would be in a position to check whether maintenance by a contracted FM company had indeed been carried out.


airlinq online co2 level


Further information as to what an AirMaster display actually looks like can be found in the Airlinq Online brochure, available on request. Please complete the form below and we’ll be happy to send you this by return.

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