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SAV Danfoss FlatStation

SAV works closely with its technology partners and with consulting engineers, to ensure that the right product solution is delivered to each building services project.

We offer to participate with the initial project viability and design, to remain involved through the drawing up of equipment schedules / specifications and to be there at the installation and commissioning stages. We do not walk away after handover. It is important to us that every project performs as expected, and reflects well on those who specified SAV for whatever type of equipment, however small.

Our technology partners have been chosen for their consistently high quality of product and innovative skills. On this website, you will find a wealth of information about SAV and each of its technology partners. They are experts in several different areas of technology, all with the common denominator of providing low carbon solutions for the challenges of today.

Here is a brief introduction to our areas of expertise:



Energy Benchmarking – The Key to Efficient Building Operations

The objective of benchmarking is to understand and evaluate the current position of a business or organisation in relation to "best practice" and to identify areas of potential performance improvement.

Successful Benchmarking

Successful benchmarking begins with upfront decisions on the metrics and scope that will support energy management activities and objectives. SAV's Watchman service meets a growing need to monitor and analyse the energy usage in buildings, to help ensure that their energy systems are optimised and operating at maximum efficiency.

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Demand Controlled Ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation systems (HRVS)

AirMaster Video

SAV’s partnership with AirMaster AS provides access to the technology supporting state-of–the-art and energy-efficient heat recovery ventilation systems. AirMaster’s innovative solutions have been developed to comply with rigorous Northern European standards, which enables UK design consultants to stay ahead of the curve. 

It means that SAV are in a position to help specifiers and building operators put together good ventilation solutions which are low carbon, decentralised and demand-controlled.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating
DifuTec High Dissipation Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Difutec Video

The ideal terminal unit is one that returns heating water at the ambient air temperature, having lost all of its heat to the surrounding space.

Underfloor heating (UFH) comes closest to achieving this due to the large surface area of the heat emitter. Flow temperatures can be maintained at relatively low values resulting in return temperatures of around 30°C and less.

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Combined Heat & Power

LoadTracker CHP

Combined Heating & Power Systems & CHP Units

EC Power has proven to be an outstanding partner for CHP. The flexibility of the LoadTracker design enables it to operate for many hours per day without operator intervention. It works well in a wide variety of applications, delivering substantial cost savings and carbon reductions on a consistent basis. Every unit is monitored remotely to keep it in trim.

LoadTracker VideoFurther on, the website LoadTracker section gives an account of the main steps taken by SAV to ensure that each CHP installation delivers to its full potential.


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Heat Interface Units


Danfoss Flatstation & Substation HIUs

SAV has a longstanding association with Danfoss AS and its Termix subsidiary in particular. This is the powerhouse behind the FlatStation Heat Interface Unit (HIU) technology, which is a fundamental part of district heating systems that are the norm in many parts of Northern Europe.

Danfoss FlatStations VideoSAV works closely with Termix to develop FlatStation features which are tailored specifically to meet UK Building Regulations. Whether for centralised plant rooms or for district heating, FlatStation HIU unit volumes can be large; this is where Danfoss reliability and manufacturing economies of scale are crucial.

Energy Metering Systems

Also through Danfoss, SAV have access to compact and well-engineered ultrasonic energy meters to help meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L. Ancillary equipment can include data logging and the Watchman facility to generate reports on energy usage. This can produce the content for statutory Building Log Books.

Automatic Monitoring and Targeting

Inclusion of aM&T within a building produces a better energy rating under Building Regulations Part L. This means that building owners can expect to benefit from higher re-sale values.

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Soft Landing


Low Carbon System Design - a whole system approach

Soft LandingThe main characteristic of a “70/40” system is a large Delta T and a low system return temperature. 

To achieve 70ºC flow and 40°C return temperatures calls for a  ‘whole system approach’ by the specifier

Properly designed and commissioned CHP District Heating schemes have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. However, traditional design practices are often based on flow/return temperatures of 80/60°C.


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FloCon Watchman


HVAC Distribution Modules

FloCon Video

Benefiting from the technology partnership with FAR Srl, bespoke modules can be provided to enable the rapid installation of FCU / AHU / Chilled Beam temperature control systems. Flushing provisions and self-balancing circuits pave the way for efficient commissioning. Advice on clustering and pipe sizing is part of the package.

Domestic Hot Water & Cold Water Manifolds

Selection from the large FAR product range means that compact, factory-made assemblies enable large numbers of connections to be completed and tested off-site. Bespoke drawings help optimize client requirements for DPCVs, isolators, filters, venting and metering. Enquiries for non-standard assemblies welcomed.

FAR Mohlenhoff

Manifolds, flexible pipe and actuators

A superb range of fittings carefully sourced through top manufacturing companies in Europe: FAR (manifolds), Haka (multilayer piping) and Mohlenhoff (room temperature controls).


Cimberio Maddalena

Isolation, balancing valves and water meters


Where reliability of isolation is paramount, Cimberio valves have a reputation that is second to none.


In the field of water metering, Maddalena water meters have the specifications to suit all eventualities and the turnover to assure economic pricing.